Data Capture on Clients

Data Capture for Microsoft Windows

In order to have the client programs run smoothly on Microsoft windows 95/98 and NT 4.0, please install MS Windows Scripting Host (WSH) 5.6 and MS WMI Core 1.5.

To access the client program, just browse to zCI main web page. Click "Register Computer" button to start downloading the client programs. Follow the directions below it for responding dialog boxes.

If users need to install WSH and/or WMI Core, just click on the hyperlinks in the end of the pages.

After executing the program, wait for about 5 seconds then a "Computer Details" web page will display information of the computer.

Data Capture for Linux

Client software for Linux is a Java-executable file. To capture inventory data, execute lshwclient.class: javac lshwclient on each Linux computer.

Successful execution will result an URL to retrieve the computer details. Enter the URL in the Internet browser to get zCI Computer Details page.


To be generic and can be implemented in any organization, zCI do not have facilities to determine physical location of device, such as department name and city of the office. It is suggested to include such information on the device name. For example, a computer that is located on Jakarta, Indonesia and being used by user Zamroni can be named ID-JKT-ZAMRONI1.