Data Structure

zCI's data structure consists of 32 tables with relationships described in picture below.

Num.Column NameData TypeExplanation
1.computeridunsigned integer, auto incrementComputer identification number
2. (a)modelidunsigned integer, auto incrementComponent model's identification number


RAM[modelid]unsigned integerRAM size in megabyte


FLOPPY[modelid]unsigned tiny integer1:floppy drive exist;0:floppy drive not exist
(d)OWNERSHIP_MONITOR[modelid], OWNERSHIP_PERIPHERAL[modelid]unsigned integerOwnership model ID.
3.namevariable-length characterComponent model's name
4.registerdatedateItem registration date
5.removeddateItem's removal date
6.serialnumber31 characterItem serial number
7reserved1 characterMarking computers that are reserved. "Y" means reserved
8.COMPUTER_SYTEM[hostname]31 characterComputer's hostname
9.COMPUTER_SYTEM[user]31 characterComputer's user name
10.COMPUTER_SYTEM[domain]unsigned integerNetwork domain category ID.
11.COMPUTER_SYTEM[zciid]unsigned integerIdentification number for non-branded computers
12.COMPUTER_SYSTEM[pnpmon]1 characterIndentification whether the computer support PnP Monitor
13.MODEL_CATEGORY[vendor]max. 31 charactersComputer vendor's name
14.MODEL_CATEGORY[model]max. 63 charactersComputer model
15.MODEL_CATEGORY[version]max. 31 charactersComputer model's version
16.PROCESSOR_CATEGORY[speed]unsigned integerProcessor maximum speed in MHz, not current speed
17.HARDDISK_CATEGORY[size]unsigned small integerHarddisk size in GB
18.MONITOR_CATEGORY[pnpid]7 charactersMonitor PnP ID that is retrieved from EDID
18.NIC[mac]17 charactersMAC Address
19.NIC[ipaddress]max. 15 charactersAdapter's first IP Address
20.MONITOR[snlock]1 characterValue 'Y' means the PnP monitor is detected automatically from EDID, hence its serial number may not be edited.

Ownership Category Table Value

3.3000End of Ownership
4.4000End of Lease